The Very First Ropix Featured Jumper!

 The very first Ropix featured Jumper!

Introducing Brooklynn Blackmore 

Brooklynn is from Kentucky, originally now residing in Miami, Florida. She is multi-faceted with many interests and passions. Jewelry design, fashion, dance, and being an avid jumper, she is also known as the Butterfly Queen having her own butterfly farm. Check her page out on instagram, #Miamibutterflyqueen. She offers instruction in jump rope and has amazing Jump Rope Skills!

  1. When did you first pick-up jump rope?

I first picked up a jump rope in sixth grade.  I was on the swim team from a young age and a mother of a teammate started a jump rope team called The Jumparoos.  Unfortunately the program didn’t last very long but my skills were eternal.

  1. What made you stick with it? What is it that you enjoy about Jumping Rope?

In college at the University of Kentucky I was regularly working out at a fitness center with my girlfriend. She asked if I knew how to jump rope. I wasn’t sure I could since it had been since The Jumparoos. As soon as I picked up the rope, it was like riding a bike….it ALL came back to me and more. I enjoy jumping because of the workout, the challenge, and the fun. To me, its like dancing….I can dance with the rope.

  1. How often do you practice and what would you suggest is best for the average jumper?  

I practice 3-5 times a week and on and off for 45 minutes.  For an average jumper I suggest 2-3 times a week.  Start breaking down 15 minutes into 2 minute increments until you can go the full 15.  Gradually increase your time until you can do 3 sets of 10 minutes with 2-5 minute break or incorporate the ten minute jump rope increments into a workout cycle for cross training.  Play some music …2 songs each set.  Jumping rope is a full body workout. Not only are you strengthening your bones but muscles too while getting a insane cardiovascular workout. Also what many women don’t know, when you jump your doing Kegels. Jumping rope even enhances your capabilities for other hand and eye sports. 

  1. Do you have any goals or performance targets as a jumper?

I am always creating new routines to break up the time. Also there are always new skills I can practice. My current goal is to hit 100 consecutive double unders (with a regular rope not a speed rope) although 122 is my record.

  1. What else do you do for fitness?

I recently ended my seven year Spin career. Upon relocating from Oregon to Miami I avidly started rollerblading. I also weight train, swim, and always ride my bike. My family lifestyle is extremely active.

  1. What advice do you have for someone just starting or thinking about getting started?



  1. Can you share what effect jump rope has had in your life? What it means to you?

 I’m a professional jump rope instructor. It’s true, you can get certified and I’m certified. Most of my skills are self taught. I would always try to break up the workout with moves, routines, footwork. The time would go by faster, it was more fun and I became really skilled. A jump rope costs from $5-30 and you can take it ANYWHERE. Jumping rope can eliminate outside aggression, frustration or worry. When I’m jumping rope I’m having fun.



The Very First Ropix Featured Jumper!