Ropix Technology

Every detail of Ropix was designed to improve performance and the experience of jumping rope.

When we endeavored to make the very best shoe for jump rope we considered all the aspects.
Technical Cushioning system - FOREFOOT LANDING PAD cushions initial impact and provides agile rebounding. 2 part molded sole.

Lightweight, the average weight for a men’s mesh-upper, size 8 is 7 oz.

SMOOTH BOTTOMED, dual-density rubber outsole provides flexible, lateral stability, conforms to foot, and resists abrasion

MINIMALIST low-profile outsole provides reactive, quick movements in all directions (e.g. feet “learn” to be resilient)

Uppers made from permeable, breathable nylon mesh, full grain leather, or Nubuck with net inlay for comfortable wear

Pivot point for ease in quick, directional movement