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 “I can do a complete workout in my Ropix shoes”

The shoe gave great support and felt like it was molded to my feet. It took a lot of the stress off my ankles and feet when performing plyometric exercises. I also found that they were very good when I was punching the heavy bag . From there they were great to go right into my weightlifting and I found no reason to have to switch sneakers.

Chris Guarraci, World Gym Owner 

"My feedback is extremely positive.”

I actually was able to jump rope to try it out. The cushioning sys- tem in the fore- foot is promi- nent, and you can really feel the cushion especially when you're on the balls of your feet and jumping rope. I couldn't see exactly what the system is, as it looks like it's built into the base of the shoe, but it unique to the activity, as most shoes will have cushioning in the heel only. I like the flex in the sole, again true to the activity it's designed for, it offers a solid flex, and allows the foot to function with a free range of move yet provides a layer of protection between the foot and the ground.”

Chris Biegel, sporting goods buyer

“The engineering of this footwear greatly exceeded my expectations.”

From the long term durability and comfort to the stylish look, this shoe has made its place to my favorite for high intensity workouts.”

— Post from Fashion Stylist Blog

"This is the right shoe for the sport of jump rope, and any inspiring rope jumper, including recreational or fitness oriented jumpers." - 2x Guinness world record holder and National Master's Jump Rope champion.

- Ken Solis M.D.

"The Ropix High Tops are fantastic!" - Dr. Steven Lamm known to millions as the house doctor on The View and has been seen on Oprah, Lifetime Today, The Today Show Live, and LX New York. He has authored several books, including bestseller Thinner at Last and his latest book, The Hardness Factor.

The shoes are fantastic! They have saved my knees! I had a slight fracture in my knee after an injury. I was concerned I would never be able to jump rope again. As an actor, it's important for me to stay in shape. My workout of choice is jumping rope. Thanks to your awesome shoes after my knee recovered I was able to continue jumping without stiffness and aching. I actually tried jumping with my other shoes and because they don't have the added cushion in the ball of the foot, they made my knees hurt. Thanks!

Dan Sachoff -Actor

They are perfect. Great. Love them!!

- Keisher “Fire” McLeod-Wells - four-time Golden Gloves champion and two-time World Champion amateur boxer, ranked #2 nationally by USA Boxing,

We use them most days! I've recommended them to people as well. 

Dean "Bad News" Burrell & Scott "Bang Bang" Burell, Ranked professional boxers. 

I took them for a spin today and they were incredible. Very much as advertised. The shape of the shoe basically adjusts your foot positioning so that you are already on the balls of your feet and the cushioning absorbs the shock of jumping so that even when jumping on a surface as hard as urban concrete it feels like you're bouncing off a gym mat.

- Rajath Vikram

Hi, my daughter Isabelle Berry from Jumpin' Jammers wears Ropix shoes for speed competition speciallly. She loves your shoes. She has been a fast speed jumper since her first years in jump rope and once she tried your shoes, there are any other ones she would like for jump rope. She has been medaling in speed specially every year. She just won gold medals at USAJR 2015 Nationals in Orlando, and also won Grand Pan Am Championship in 30 seconds and 3 minutes speed at UCF Orlando. Highly recommending your shoes for this sport! Thank you for making them! 

Bibi Vitalino Berry -Mother of competitive jump rope champion


I love love love the shoes!!!!!! They are amazing!

Janelle Mada - Former Miss New England & Miss Vermont