We hope to answer all your questions so that you are confident ordering your pair of Ropix. 

If you do not find an answer to you inquiry below please contact us at FAQ@ropixshoe.com

Do I use my Ropix only when I am jumping rope? 

This is a popular question. Are Ropix only for jump rope? The simple answer is no, they are not strictly for jump rope alone.There are many other uses. The forefoot cushioning, light weight and minimalist design makes it perfect for so many other activities. It's an excellent gym shoe and can be used for elliptical machines, stair climbers,cycling and rowing. Ropix are also excellent for plyometrics training, box jumping and calisthenics and most cross fit training. 


How do I know what size to order? 

The current inventory of the Sonic model are running a half size small. For example if you normally wear a size 8  then you should order a size 8.5, As a guide it is suggested you start with the size you are currently wearing in any pair of athletic shoes you own. 

Ropix size range 
Men's size 5 = Women's Size 6.5
Men's size 5.5 = Women's Size 7
Men's size 6 = Women's Size 7.5
Men's size 6.5 = Women's Size 8
Men's size 7 = Women's Size 8.5
Men's size 7.5 = Women's Size 9
Men's size 8 = Women's Size 9.5
Men's size 8.5 = Women's Size 10
Men's size 9 = Women's Size 10.5
Men's size 9.5 = Women's Size 11
Men's size 10 = Women's Size 11.5
Men's size 10.5 = Women's Size 12
Men's size 11
Men's size 11.5 
Men's size 12 
Men's size 12.5 
Men's size 13 


The sizing is unisex and medium width. For example a men's size 8 would equal a women's size 9.5, one and a half size difference.

Medium for a man would be a D, medium for a women would be a B

The Ropix high top have been corrected and are running true to size. Unisex and medium width. Order the same size you wear in other athletic shoes. 

 What is your return policy? 

You can return your Ropix within 30 days for any reason and receive a full refund. Once received, please allow up to two business days for your return to be processed and 3-5 business days for the refund to reflect on your account. It may take longer for the change to reflect in your monthly printed statement, up to two billing cycles.

Can I cancel or modify my order? 

Our goal is to get your order shipped as soon as possible, however you can request to cancel or modify your order by emailing sales@ropixshoes.com. If we receive your request in time we will honor your request.