Introducing The Ropix Blog!

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It is long overdue but hopefully still relevant that we create our very first blog page. Since this is the first I think it make sense that it be about Ropix!

The most common question I hear about Ropix is "Do you need a shoe for Jump Rope?" My answer is always the same. No, you can jump in any shoes or barefoot but if you want to improve your jump rope experience and your performance you will need the right equipment. You can play tennis, skateboard, and run in any shoes but try to run a marathon in a pair of Vans. I'm sure it has been done but I would imagine it effected the time it took to cross the finish line and the comfort of the run itself. There are many examples of sports-specific shoes that have been developed over the years. Boxing, wrestling, weightlifting, tennis, golf, bowling, ballet, dance, cycling, cross-fit, basketball, skateboard, and of course the king of all sports-specific footwear, running. 

What do all these shoes have in common? They are designed to enhance the performance and experience of the activity with specific attributes of the activity itself. Boxing shoes are high tops to support the ankle, thin lightweight soles with little cushioning for quick movement and pivoting. Skateboard sneakers have a flat hard edge sole for better control of the board. Bowling shoes are slip-resistant to keep your feet firmly planted as you roll the ball down the lane.

Ropix were designed to provide you with the right amount of cushioning under the balls of your feet, the sole is designed for the rope to glide past as you jump and it is lightweight so you can jump longer. For more details, check out our About page to see more about Ropix Technology. 

If you are reading this then you take jump rope seriously. You deserve a shoe that takes it seriously too.

Please feel free to ask a question or add a comment. 

Introducing The Ropix Blog!