Our Newest Profile: Alyssia Mattson


Our newest Ropix featured Jumper!

Introducing Alysia Mattson #alysia.jumprope

Alysia is tri-lingual (English, Chinese and French) a member of the esteemed Phi Beta Kappa honor society and has amazing Jump Rope Skills! She is hugely impressive.

  1. When did you first pick-up jump rope?

I re-discovered jump rope during covid-19 lockdown while staying with my parents in Colorado. I really enjoy group fitness classes such as Zumba, Pure Barre and Yoga, but with all the gyms being closed I needed a fun fitness outlet. I did a YouTube search for “jump rope tricks” and realized there was a whole world of jump rope that I never knew about. I immediately went to buy my first rope that day, in April 2020.

Prior to this, I was in an after-school jump rope program in 3rd grade where I learned the foundations of jump rope from Mr. Richard Cendali, the “grandfather of jump rope” himself. I had not touched a rope again since 3rd grade, but I truly believe that the foundations stuck with me.

  1. What made you stick with it? What is it that you enjoy about Jumping Rope?

I love that the tricks you can learn are endless. Jump roping is a relatively new sport, and there is so much to be learned and invented. I absolutely thrive off of the community aspect of it as well – the international jump rope community on Instagram is incredibly motivating. It feels like a family of sorts. I have never like cardio, but jump roping just feels like a fun activity to me, as opposed to a workout. Any sport that can trick me into working out is a sport worth pursuing.

  1. How often do you practice and what would you suggest is best for the average jumper?

I practice about 5 days per week for an hour per session. When I first started out, some of my sessions lasted three hours, and I would jump seven days per week. This does not mean that I was continuously jumping nonstop – I spent a lot of time attempting new wraps (which don’t require jumping), or trying to comprehend new tricks. I suggest easing yourself into the sport. Your body is not used to jumping, so maybe start with ten minutes per day, and add some extra time each session, but be sure to listen to your body and rest and recover as needed.

  1. Do you have any goals or performance targets as a jumper?

I hope to continue learning and growing and spreading my love for jump rope. It’s such a beautiful sport and the community is the best one I’ve ever been a part of.

One trick that I have just barely learned is called the “frog” – it is where you go into a handstand position, and then whip your legs downward and pull the rope under you for a jump directly out of that handstand. This is a move I hope to perfect one day.   

  1. What else do you do for fitness?

I love being active. Hiking, biking, skiing, snow-shoeing, yoga, dance fitness, dancing and kayaking are some of my many other passions!

  1. What advice do you have for someone just starting or thinking about getting started?

It is never too late to get started! Feel free to message me on Instagram @alysia.jumprope and I can point you in the right direction for tutorials, rope sizing, and more. Jump ropes are so accessible and affordable, there is not reason not to give it a shot!

  1. Can you share what effect jump rope has had in your life? What it means to you?

 My happiness levels have significantly increased since I began jump roping. It is such a mood booster and gives me something to look forward to everyday. I feel like I truly found my passion, and my people.